Pizza, Piss Offs and Still on Track

High-five to moi for managing to stay on track with Weight Watchers through my first weekend which even involved pizza and a few piss offs — the kind that could easily push you off the wagon and back to the fridge for a binge! I must say that I am pretty proud of  myself for my choices and keeping myself on track.

Weight Watchers has been great in teaching me just what works and what doesn’t as far as my meal choices go. It’s been helpful being able to see just what’s worth my points and what isn’t. Like the pizza for instance. I’m glad that I was able to enjoy some while hanging with friends without guilt but know that using up 17 points on one slice isn’t something I wanna do everyday, ya’ know? I used to think that the best way to go was something super restrictive; bordering on militant even, but not anymore. I’m diggin’ the freedom and the lessons in portion control because they’re so…effortless.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and update for anyone who is following along on my quest for bikinidom.

Have a lovely evening!

Day 1 of Weight Watchers Done!

Oh man am I ever gonna sound like a diet commercial cliche, but I didn’t feel hungry at all today! I really thought that I would, but day one of Weight Watchers has come and gone and I can honestly say I was satisfied all day and even enjoyed some pizza for dinner without exceeding my points! Hurrah for a diet that doesn’t dare tell me what NOT to eat!

Just wanted to report that to the one or two of you who are reading this blog and wondering about the program. And, while I’m here; a big shout out to the pervs who found my site while searching for “naked fat chicks”. Thanks for stoppin’ by!

Will report back in tomorrow to let you know if day 2 on Weight Watchers ends up being as easy as day 1.


The (Very) Naked Truth

Holy shit – I’m a ball!!!

Yes, that is me in my almost naked splendor. I wasn’t going for mood lighting or optical illusions–I’m just a shitty photographer and the washroom wasn’t really full of ideal spots to mount the camera for a nudie self portrait. And, as you can imagine, this isn’t exactly the sort of photo you want to ask someone else to take of you!

Though I’m sure there are plenty of chubby chasers and pervie peeps online who will find this image strangely appealing, my reason for posting it has nothing to do with being an exhibitionist or even remotely proud of what I am showing off here. I posted it for me. I posted it because I needed to really see what my body has become so I could remind myself everyday–dozens of times a day if needed–why I need to stay on track.

It’s funny that I never really saw how big I was. There are some who would accuse me of thinking that I am bigger than I really am, but the truth is that I conveniently managed to see past the severity of the situation. (The situation being my weight.) Everyday I would stand naked in the mirror to brush my teeth and wash my face and then get into bed next to my hubby and wake up, still naked, and go to that same mirror and brush my teeth again. And each time I somehow looked at myself without really seeing myself or the rolie-polie blob that my body had become. This picture posted here for all to see has made me finally really see it and get why I am doing what I am doing and why I can’t afford to falter. And before you think I am having a pity party here or dogging myself; I DO NOT think I am ugly by any stretch. Sure, I’m not crazy about the fact that I now have a double chin or that my belly is hanging down low enough that you can barely see the cute panties that cover my cooch, but that doesn’t make me ugly. I love myself far too much for that. And besides, the fat hasn’t taken away my smile, my perfectly placed beauty marks or my ability to rock a pair of stilettos like nobody’s business. And, while I would rather not parade around in a bikini with this body, I will forever be the woman who will strip right down and enjoy the feeling of sun, sand, and sea on all my 2000 parts and not care who’s lookin’. I do however want to cut down my risk of all the diseases that could potentially ruin my ability to enjoy these things and I also want to enjoy mobility for as long as possible. Am I not doing this for superficial reasons as well? FUCK YEAH! But it isn’t only about looks anymore which makes me think that this might actually work.

I apologize in advance to anyone who found this post less-than-appealing and to anyone who thinks that they can find pictures of naked fat chicks here. You can feel free to check in and tell your friends to stop by my blog too, but that’s all the naked fat chick you’ll find…until I lose my weight anyway.